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If you ever think about correcting your misaligned or overcrowded teeth without feeling anxious about wearing braces, then Invisalign or a clear aligner is the key to your perfect smile.

Invisalign, also known as invisible or clear aligners are custom-made plastic aligners that fit over the entire teeth. They are transparent plastic corrective devices used to straighten the teeth. Although, they are not completely invisible, yet they serve as the right solution for people who have aesthetic concerns about wearing braces. They are less noticeable as compared to traditional braces. The dentist creates customized aligners that apply pressure to the teeth, thus shifting them to the desired position gradually.


Benefits of invisible braces

Before moving to the comparison between the traditional braces and clear aligners, we should understand the shared consequential benefit that both the aligners offer.

Straight, perfectly aligned teeth not only provide the exceptional freedom to talk and smile in front of others but also aids in better maintenance of oral hygiene and health.
If an individual possesses misaligned teeth, it becomes difficult to clean them properly and bacteria can feed easily in such conditions eventually leading to bad oral health. Properly aligned teeth make it easier to clean the teeth, hence allowing fewer bacteria to harbor. This prevents tooth decay and other dental problems as well. Clear aligners relieve the inconvenience caused by misaligned teeth.

Additional benefits of clear braces over traditional braces

There are a lot of additional benefits that invisible aligners offer over traditional braces.

1. Aesthetic

One of the most significant advantages of clear aligners is the aesthetic value they provide over traditional braces.

Traditional braces can cause aesthetic concerns for people who are hesitant about wearing braces and do not want others to know that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment. However, if you want to straighten your misaligned teeth without being stressed about the aesthetic value, then clear aligners can do wonders for you. They are transparent, and clear which makes them less noticeable and aesthetic in nature.

2. Enhanced comfort

Traditional braces consist of wire and brackets that adhere to the tooth surface. They are comparatively painful and can cause discomfort and speech difficulties sometimes as they are in direct contact with the cheek and tongue. Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners do not pose such a problem as they are made up of a thin layer of plastic and do not require any wire or bracket. Hence, making them a comfortable alternative over traditional braces.

3. Removable

Clear aligners are easily removable, thus providing you the freedom to eat and drink the food you like and practice good oral hygiene simultaneously.

4. Maintenance

One needs to be exceptionally vigilant while taking care of the traditional braces as food gets trapped in between the wires and brackets which can lead to the accumulation of plaque and bad oral health. Since clear aligners do not adhere to the tooth surface like traditional braces, they can be removed easily and cleaned as and when required.

5. Easier to clean teeth

Cleaning the teeth while wearing traditional braces requires frequent cleaning as food gets trapped in between the brackets. Since no such brackets are involved in wearing clear aligners, you can easily remove your aligners and clean your teeth properly, thus leading to good oral health which is vital for successful treatment.

6. Lesser dental visits

Traditional braces require a lot of dental visits for regular tightening of the wires to straighten the teeth. However, Invisalign provides you the freedom to straighten your misaligned teeth without being bound to schedule regular dental visits.

7. Prevention from gum disease

Clear aligners provide the freedom to easily remove the braces and clean the teeth properly. This allows fewer bacteria to accumulate as compared to the traditional braces where bacterial plaque can easily accumulate in between the brackets and wire. This can lead to swollen and bleeding gums.

Cost of Invisalign braces in Delhi

Invisalign braces are expensive as compared to traditional braces. The cost depends on a variety of factors such as the alignment requirement of the teeth, the number of aligners required, the length of the treatment, and the treatment charges of the dentist as well. Invisalign braces cost between INR 1- 4 lakh in Delhi. One must check with their insurance partner, as some health insurance administrations do cover the cost of orthodontic treatments as well.

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