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Dental Implants

Having thoughts about replacing your lost tooth?

Either single or multiple tooth loss,amongst all other treatment options dental implants have proved to be the best replacement option for missing teeth.

Dental implants are specially designed to function like your own natural teeth.They provide a firm foundation which acts like the roots of your natural teeth.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a dental root analogue that is placed inside your jaw bone.It is made up of titanium which is the most biocompatible material which forms an intimate bond with the bone.After the implant is attached to the surrounding bone then either dental prosthesis crown or dentures can be secured on the top of the implant.

Benefits of Dental Implant at South Point Dentistry

1. Better Appearance

Losing teeth may spoil your smile.Tooth loss may not provide for better chewing of food,which is so important for proper digestion as well.Adental implantation procedure at the expert clinic and the remedy will help you overcome the anxiety and embarrassment of losing teeth at an affordable cost.

2. Better Speech

Proper teeth alignment and jaw structure are important for speech.Natural teeth, when replaced by dentures, do not provide the same speech proficiency.Therefore, a dental implant and teeth will help overcome mumbling and slurry speech, which may also be important for people in many different kinds of profession.Because the implant never slips, you will always sound coherent.

3. Better hygiene and oral health

Some dental procedures,such as bridges alter the basic alignment of teeth,which may lead to poor oral health.Food particles may also remain stuck in the oral cavities,which lead to bad hygiene and oral diseases.Implantsare free from these deficits.Apart from reinstating your ever charming smile and improving your self esteem,they also help you have good oral health.

4. Greater Convenience

You need not remove your implants, and they are a permanent oral fixture.Unlike dentures they do not require separate cleaning and hence offer more convenience.No adhesives or glues are used in the dental implants and they stay in place within the oral cavity just like the natural teeth.Therefore, you can enjoy a solid dental configuration, much like a natural one, without being concerned by discomfort.

We Provide the following dental implants treatment

  • Single of multiple teeth implants
  • Immediate Implants
  • All on 4 Implants
  • Sinus lift surgeries and bone grafting
  • Basal Implant
  • Zygomatic Implants
  • Full mouth Rehabilitation with Implants


Why choose South Point for Dental Implants

We provide expert recommended solution to all of your dental woes.

Your dental implant dentistry procedure will be performed under the supervision and care of expert and highly qualified dentists at South Point Dentistry.With the use of sedatives and local anesthetics,you will be experiencing no pain and discomfort.Experts recommend dental implants in many different situations.When you desire aesthetics and want the protection of adjacent teeth,implants are the best solution.While they may be a bit costlier than bridges,implants are the long term solution.

South Point Dentistry has expert and experience implantologist to deliver the best dental implant treatment in Delhi or in India.Clinic follows strict and rigid sterilization protocols to make the surgical procedure safe and sound keeping in mind to deliver the best outcome at an affordable cost.

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