Teeth Whitening

Are you feeling shy to meet and greet people in your everyday life just because of your stained and yellow teeth? Professional teeth whitening in Delhi is the solution to your problem.

Teeth whitening is an increasingly popular way to enhance smiles and boost confidence. A bright smile gives impression of youth, happiness, warmth & good health. Our natural teeth gets discoloured & stained due to regular consumption of tea, coffee, chocolate & tobacco products.

Types of dental cleaning and whitening offered at South Point Dentistry :

Office beaching

It is the simple yet effective procedure that makes use of peroxide gel which is applied on the teeth surface after the gums are covered. Once covered, a special light will be applied on the gel to activate it. Such activation will break down the teeth stain leaving whiter and clean teeth. You may observe 6-8 shades after the procedure.

Zoom teeth whitening

Zoom teeth whitening created revolution in the technique of teeth whitening.In this process use of highly specialized equipment Philips Zoom teeth whitening system is done which also applies patented peroxide gel which is also sources from the same manufacturer.The outcome of this teeth whitening treatment is outstanding making almost 10-12 shade reduction in color of teeth shade and that too in just 30-45 minutes.One of the international recognized procedures for teeth whitening is zoom teeth whitening.

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