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Clinic with Innovative Approach to Treatment

South Point Dentistry, being a multispeciality dental clinic in sheikh sarai, Delhi with its advanced facilities and well qualified dentists believe in providing the best service and dental care.

Being aware of the problem is the first step in further planning of the solution. Hence, we at South Point firmly believe in educating our patients about their oral health and providing appropriate and affordable dental care to our patients.

At South Point, our dental experts who have acquired knowledge and training from national and international renowned universities strive to be the best by researching and practicing all the latest advancements in dentistry.One can be assured about the kind of service and advice provided by our professional experts.

We believe in providing the best dental services in Malviya Nagar, Delhi and treatment to patients of all age groups using instruments and dental materials from reputed international brands like 3M ESPE, Noble Biocare, CSM, Ivoclar, Straumann, Osstem, etc.

Why Us

Choose South Point Dentistry

Strict Sterilization Protocol

Choosing a dental clinic with the very best cross infection prevention and hygiene controls is an important factor when it comes to dental treatment. South Point Dentistry uses the highest level of sterilization and safety regime to prevent cross infection between patients. Starting from the diagnostic kit used for examination and consultation of the patient to all the instruments used during the treatment process, everything is sterilized/autoclaved before use.

Painless Dental Treatment

The dental professionals at South Point Dentistry Clinic are highly skilled and trained to provide you a painless dental treatment. We use modern and advanced techniques to provide you with absolute painless treatment procedures like surface anaesthetic solutions to be applied before anaesthetic injections, fine needle syringes for painless anaesthetic administration, pain relieving medication before and during the procedure.

Multispeciality Dental Practice in ethical manner

We have in-house and on call specialists who are always available for any kind of dental care and service required. All the professionals are well trained in their respective specialities and believe in providing our patients with complete transparency in regards to the cost of the treatment and treating everyone in an ethical manner.

Facial cosmetic surgeries by Renowned Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

The professionals at South Point Dentistry are passionate and dedicated towards providing you with the best dental care and treatments but are also well trained and compassionate about helping you improve your facial aesthetic.

Personalised and informed dental care

At South Point we aim to give you a perfect and confident smile. So we take care of all your queries and requirements so that we can customize all the dental treatment procedures according to your requirement and simultaneously work ethically to obtain the best and most desirable results.

Easy Payment Options

We accept all types of debit and credit cards and provide EMI options for the same.



Consulted Dr Pallav for dental implants as i had been recommended by a friend who got implants from him.My experience was very good because he explained the whole procedure properly and the procedure was painless too.The artificial teeth that he placed also match perfectly with my natural teeth.The cost was also very reasonable as compared to other dental clinics i had enquired earlier.Very happy and satisfied.Thankyou Dr Pallav.I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to get dental implants and also for any dental other dental issues.

Santosh Chawla

Dental Implants

Got braces at South Point Dentistry and i am really happy with the final outcome.My teeth look proper and i am more confident because of my well arranged teeth. Dr Pallav and the staff make sure to keep timely appointments and the braces specialist is also very good.Thankyou Dr Pallav.I would definitely recommend South Point Dentistry for braces treatment and also for other dental problems.

Jhanvi Jha

Braces Treatment

Visited South Point dentistry because of pain and swelling.Dr Pallav told me that it was because of decayed teeth. And he advised that I need to get it removed. I got it removed painlessly and he further advised that i get dental implants for the replacement. I recently got dental implants after the wound healed properly. The whole implant procedure was done painlessly and Dr Pallav took all the safety precautions during the whole procedure. Got the stitches removed after a week. And i had no issues after the surgery too. Really happy with the whole treatment plan. Thank you Dr Pallav. I would definitely recommend him to anyone with dental issues.

Jatin Ahuja

Dental Implants