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General & Preventive Dentistry


Regular dental checkup at every 6 months interval keeps you well informed about your oral health and gives us an opportunity to detect and treat any dental problem at a very early stage.


Scaling and Polishing are periodontal gum treatments in delhi which include thorough cleaning of teeth and gums.In many cases it serves as an effective treatment for early stages of gum disease.


Cavities or dental caries are permanently damaged areas that are caused by many factors specially common in children, teenagers and older adults.If cavities are not treated at a proper time they can lead to damage of deeper layers of teeth and results in infection, toothache and even tooth loss.

Composite filling/tooth coloured filling

Composite resin or tooth coloured fillings comes with precise colour matching of different shades to ensure that it perfectly blends with the surrounding tooth enamel.No one can make out the difference between filling and tooth structure.

Our expert dentist will remove the decayed portion very precisely and conservatively to retain more of your natural teeth.After applying the composite resin it is hardened using U.V light.

We several different shades of composite material to allow customization of your tooth coloured filling to match your teeth specifically.

Composite resin or tooth coloured filling can be used for cosmetic dentistry procedures such as closing gaps in the front teeth,composite veneers,repairing chipped or broken edge of teeth.


It is a fluoride releasing white dental filling which chemically bonds to the tooth structure and prevents further decay of your teeth.

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