Invisalign or Clear Aligners – A new way to straighten your teeth

February 19, 2021by spdentistry0
If you ever had a moment in your life where you thought about getting your misaligned or crowded teeth corrected but did not want to because you didn’t want to wear braces, invisalign or clear aligner is the best option for you.
Invisalign or Clear Aligners vs traditional braces

What are Invisaligner or Clear Aligners?

Invisaligner or clear aligner is the most recent and innovative approach to straighten your teeth. They are invisible, removable as well as comfortable clear aligners which gradually guide the teeth into place.

Invisalign or Clear Aligners vs traditional braces

They are an alternative to traditional braces to straighten the teeth with various benefits like:

Comfortable to wear
Invisaligners are made up of very thin single layer clear plastic or acrylic which are very comfortable to wear. Unlike traditional braces where the braces or the wire might impinge on the adjacent gum or cheek tissue leading to mouth ulcers, invisalign doesn’t pose such problems hence making it comfortable to wear.
Since they are clear/transparent, it is virtually invisible giving you a pleasant appearance without having others know that you are undergoing any kind of treatment to straighten your teeth.
Easy Maintenance
Unlike traditional braces where the braces are fixed with your teeth and a wire is placed, invisalign is a removable prosthesis. It is very easy to maintain as it can be removed and washed with the help of a brush and worn again.
Since Invisalign are removable, they can be easily removed while eating and hence providing you the freedom to enjoy your favourite food items which is not possible in case of traditional braces.
Prevents Gum Diseases
As they are removable they help in maintaining proper oral hygiene so there is no chance of developing gum diseases which is not possible in case of traditional braces because no matter how much you try to keep your braces clean there is a chance of accumulation of plaque or tartar around the braces which eventually leads to swollen and bleeding gums.
Lesser Dental Office / Clinic Visits
Invisalign aligners give you the freedom to live your life fully without having to schedule regular dental clinic visits which generally happens in case of traditional braces where you will need to schedule an appointment once a month and if there is any wire breakage or any of the braces break then you will have to schedule a visit to your dentist.

Invisalign aligners are custom made for every individual patient with the help of latest digital mapping and molding technology to ensure accurate fit on your teeth where every set is worn for 20hrs a day for 10days before changing to the next set with ease at home after detailed discussion with your dentist over the phone.

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