Dental implant cost in Delhi, India

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In this era of new technologies and advancements, dental implants have brought about a revolutionary change in modern dentistry.

Once when dental implant was not so much known, the only treatment options available for people with missing teeth were bridges and dentures. But today the availability of dental implants have provided a permanent treatment option for the replacement of missing teeth.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants have a permanent replacement for tooth roots. They provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth that are made to match your natural teeth.

What are dental implants made of?

Dental implants which are similar to hip, shoulder and knee implants used in hip, shoulder and knee replacement surgeries ,  are made up of titanium alloy which are highly compatible with your bone.

Any side effects to titanium dental implants have been very rare till date.

In case of any allergy, ceramic / zirconia implants may be opted. They are both tooth coloured and compatible with oral tissues.


Why to choose dental implants for replacement of missing tooth / teeth?

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth providing better function and improving the appearance.
Since dental implants are fixed inside the bone, they are more strong and stable in comparison to a dental bridge or a removable denture. Hence they aid in better chewing and look like your natural teeth.
They prevent bone loss.
When a tooth is lost/removed and if no measures are taken for the replacement of the missing teeth, the underlying bone tends to resorb leading to decreased bone height of the jaws. In case of a removable denture also, the bone resorption is there as the denture is placed on the jaw bone. Whereas, a dental implant is placed inside the bone so it acts like the roots of the teeth hence preventing bone loss.
They do not decay get decay.
Dental implants do not have any mineral structure like teeth where bacteria might grow. Hence they do not decay. In case of a tooth supported bridge or denture the natural teeth is susceptible to decay leading to tooth loss in future.
Dental implants can last a lifetime as they are a permanent fixed solution for individual as well as multiple missing teeth.
Yes, Dental Implants can last a lifetime. After a dental implant is placed and it bonds with the bone, it is next to impossible for the implant or the implant crown to fracture or come out. Hence, providing a permanent fixed solution. In case of a bridge, the supporting teeth of the bridge can weaken over a period of time leading to removal of the bridge and additional support is needed which further involves the cutting of adjacent healthy teeth. Further increasing the risk of losing more teeth and increased cost. Dentures over a period of time might break or the artificial teeth used in case of a denture which are made up of acrylic material tend to become small due to chewing forces. All of the above situations are not there in case of dental implants.
They help in keeping the adjacent teeth stable.
Since implants are fixed inside the bone of the missing teeth area, there is absolutely no need to shave or cut the adjacent teeth for support as dental implants in itself provides support to the artificial tooth crown.
Compared to bridges / dentures.
They are easier to maintain as compared to bridges / dentures.
Denture can even be fixed on dental implants hence providing patients more ease in chewing and altering the need to remove the dentures
In case of denture wearing patients, if they want them fixed, the denture can even be fixed on dental implants hence providing patients more ease in chewing and altering the need to remove the dentures. Hence Dental implants in Delhi provide you the freedom to enjoy the foods that you love without any worry.

Indications for dental implants:

  1. In case of a single tooth or multiple missing teeth replacement.
  2. In cases where the posterior teeth are missing.
  3. In cases where all the teeth are missing and there is no proper bone structure left to support removable dentures.
  4. For patients who do not want bridges/removable dentures.
  5. Patients who want more esthetic looking teeth.

Contraindications for dental implants:

  1. If you are diabetic, then the sugar levels must be under control. Once the sugar levels are controlled, one can opt for Dental implants provided they keep their sugar levels under control. In cases of uncontrolled diabetes, dental implants must be avoided.
  1. Poor oral hygiene – Poor oral hygiene eventually leads to various gum problems like bleeding and swollen gums. This further leads to bone loss which is not the best situation for Dental implants.
  1. Patients undergoing radiation/chemo therapy.
  1. In case you are a chain smoker, the overall healing capacity of the body decreases hence the healing becomes slower and the implant also takes longer time to heal.
  1. Pregnancy- Various studies have shown that administration of local anesthesia is totally safe during pregnancy. But since an implant surgery requires comparatively higher dose of anesthesia than normal, it tends to be risky for the expecting mother or her unborn baby. Hence in case of pregnancy, undergoing implant surgery must be avoided.

Dental Implants Treatment at our South Delhi Based Dental Clinic by dentist Pallav Kinra

Cost if Dental Implants in Delhi, India

Dental implant cost vary according to various factors such as:

  1. Type of implantation – In cases where there is less bone support, additional bone grafts may be used which might slightly increase the cost of dental implant. Also in case of upper jaw dental implants, if the position of the sinus is very low which wouldn’t provide enough space for the dental implant placement, additional sinus lift surgery may be performed. Such procedures may also increase the cost of a dental implant.
  1. Expertise and skill of the dentist – In case of eye infection you wouldn’t be visiting an orthopaedic surgeon. Likewise, if you want to get Dental Implants in Delhi it is best that you get the surgery done from an Oral and maxillofacial surgeon, certified Implantologist, Periodontist or a Prosthodontist.
  1. Dental implant brand/manufacturer – Single tooth implant cost in Delhi
Dental Implant Brand Dental Implant Cost
ADIN, ALPHA-BIO 18000-25000 INR
OSSTEM, CSM 25000-35000 INR
  1. Choice of prosthetic tooth crown – Dental implant being fixed inside the bone provides support to the artificial teeth which is either made up of metal fused porcelain or metal free zirconia material that is either retained with the help of a screw or is fixed with the help of a dental cement. The choice in the material used for the customization of the artificial teeth as well as the method of fixing it to the implant plays an important role in the cost of the overall implant treatment procedure.
Choices of Permanent Implant Crown (tooth) with Cost Comparison.
Type of Implant Crown Cost
PFM (Porcelain fused to metal-Cement Retained) 4000-6000 INR
PFM (Screw Retained) 6000-8000 INR
Zirconia (Cement Retained) 8000-15000 INR
Zirconia (Screw Retained) 15000-20000 INR

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